Sealed Air


Customer Profile Company Name: Sealed Air Corporation Type of Business: Packaging Company Website: Sealed Air Corporation helps ensure food and beverages are processed, sold and prepared in a safe and efficient environment. Their range includes Cryovac food packaging, Bubble Wrap cushioning and Diversey cleaning and hygiene products. So how did Teksmart® help them make some very significant [...]



Customer Profile Company Name: Leicester Christadelphians Type of Business: Religious Organisation Website: The Christadelphians are a non-Trinitarian, millennial Christian group whose fellowship is linked by a common understanding of the Bible and Christianity. With a busy calendar, Leicester Christadelphians needed some help to communicate their schedule in a more clear, dynamic and efficient manner, and seeked Teksmart’s [...]

Cambridge University


Customer Profile Company Name: University of Cambridge Type of Business: University Website: The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. It’s a brand in its own right – known, admired and revered the world over for its academic standing, its alumni… and its boat race teams. The challenge Cambridge University [...]

Leeds University


Customer Profile Company Name: University of Leeds Type of Business: University Website: The University of Leeds was founded on a principle of education for all, irrespective of gender, race or creed. Over 100 years later, staff and students from over 100 countries work and study there. It puts quite a strain on the library, or at least [...]

Bristol Airport


Customer Profile Company Name: Bristol Airport Type of Business: Airport Website: Bristol Airport is the main commercial airport serving Bristol and Southern England, with regular flights to some of Europe’s favourite holiday destinations. And thanks to their clear, accessible signage, they really know how to keep their passengers up to date… The challenge Bristol Airport wanted to [...]

British Airways


Customer Profile Company Name: British Airways Type of Business: Airline Website: British Airways isn’t just the world’s largest airline, it is the standard bearer for the UK airline industry, and is respected around the world. Good thing their signage meets those same high expectations… The challenge British Airways wanted an interactive screen for their new customer services [...]

JP Models


Customer Profile Company Name: J Perkins Distribution Ltd Type of Business: Distribution Company (selling of radio controlled models) Website: J Perkins Distribution Ltd are hobby experts. Over the last four decades, they’ve supplied more model aircraft, helicopters, boats, cars and accessories to more shops than we’ve had hot dinners. They just needed a few Teksmart® ‘toys’ to [...]

Visible Impact


Customer Profile Company Name: Visible Impact Type of Business: Advertising Agency Website: Visible Impact, established in 2004, uses design, communications and marketing skills to strengthen clients’ brands and kick-start their commercial sales initiatives. Together with Teksmart®, they came up with some interesting new promotional ideas… The challenge Visible impact approached Teksmart® looking for a solution to an [...]



Customer Profile Company Name: BMW Type of Business: Automobile Manufacturing Website: BMW is one of the world’s biggest brands. The German car and bike manufacturers are renowned worldwide for their exceptional engineering (and their straplines). We wanted to ensure their branch marketing met the same high standards… The challenge  The Williams Liverpool BMW showroom wanted two screens [...]



Customer Profile Company Name: Steakout Type of Business: Restaurant Website: Steakout are a group of steakhouse restaurants in London and 7 other locations with their newest branch in Stratford. Their growing chain of steak and halal restaurants provides an exciting dining experience. The restaurant industry is hugely competitive so innovative companies like Steakout are always looking for [...]