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  • Company Name: British Airways
  • Type of Business: Airline
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British Airways isn’t just the world’s largest airline, it is the standard bearer for the UK airline industry, and is respected around the world. Good thing their signage meets those same high expectations…

The challenge

British Airways wanted an interactive screen for their new customer services department at T5, Heathrow. And of course, it needed to be chic and cool as befitting the look of the new terminal. They got in touch with Teksmart® to talk over their options…

Getting down to specifics, BA decided they needed a robust, freestanding digital kiosk – and it had to be strong enough to prevent trolley-damage. There was a fun element too. Between them BA and Teksmart® came up with the idea of a special web-cam that would take users’ pictures and superimpose them onto a variety of their popular travel destinations. So, for example, they could take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower without even leaving T5.

The solution

There wasn’t an off-the-shelf solution to match BA’s needs. So Teksmart® improvised. They reworked their 55” screen to install a webcam – safely tucked away in a super sturdy unit, as required.

They changed the colour to matte black – which complemented the surroundings at T5 perfectly and retained its good looks over time. Teksmart® even upgraded the internal PC to better support their software platforms.


The Teksmart® 55” Freestanding display looks amazing and works wonderfully well in its environment. BA customers are using the screen every day – and it’s a great source of entertainment for waiting passengers and families, as well as a great alternative to the queues at the Customer Services department.

What better way to sell their services than by encourage people to visit new places and travel – a concept this kiosk captures so well. And BA is now looking at using augmented reality to take things a step further…