Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Leicester Christadelphians
  • Type of Business: Religious Organisation
  • Website:

The Christadelphians are a non-Trinitarian, millennial Christian group whose fellowship is linked by a common understanding of the Bible and Christianity. With a busy calendar, Leicester Christadelphians needed some help to communicate their schedule in a more clear, dynamic and efficient manner, and seeked Teksmart’s help…

The challenge

The Leicester Christadelphians operate over four halls within the region and wanted to find a dynamic way in which they could communicate information about their classes, services and activities with the public. Their halls are in prime locations which have a heavy passing footfall.

The solution

Teksmart® undertook a site survey and proposed a number of ceiling-mounted 55” high brightness sunlight readable ‘window’ displays to be located within strategic locations for maximum audience/impact. The displays include integrated PCs allowing the user to easily control the content and update in line with an ever-changing calendar.


The Leicester Christadelphians were very happy with the solution and the screens tick all of the boxes. The technology allows them to communicate better with the public and specifically the younger generation.