Digital Signage For The Hotel & Leisure Sector

Digital signage makes your venue a memorable destination for customers, giving you the means to broadcast information and promote your products, facilities and services. Popular applications for your sector include:

Welcoming Messages

Use digital signs to welcome visitors and parties to your premises. Displaying specific names of individuals or groups will personalise your welcoming messages.

Reduced Customer Perceived Waiting Time

In environments where queuing and waiting is commonplace, digital signage platforms can be used to entertain and interest observers, which in turn reduce the customer perceived waiting time.


Help your visitors get to where they need to be with digital wayfinding. Interactive or static layouts are extremely effective in displaying location information and creating an engaging and informative experience for the user.

Display Important Information

Digital Signage is an effective means to communicate to both internal and external staff as well as visitors and customers. Digital displays can show information, which is up-to-date, interesting and available for everyone.

Entertain & Enhance

Digital Signage systems can be used to enhance working, business and public environments and consequently improve the customer or public total experience.

Promote Products & Services

Digital Signage has a proven track record in delivering uplift in sales. Increase brand and product awareness, inform customers, drive sales within specific areas, target promotions, drive traffic and reduce the cost of printed materials.

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