Customer Profile

  • Company Name: University of Cambridge
  • Type of Business: University
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The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. It’s a brand in its own right – known, admired and revered the world over for its academic standing, its alumni… and its boat race teams.

The challenge

Cambridge University wanted a digital screen they could use in various locations around the university. It needed to be sufficiently portable so that it could be moved to different sites easily, but still look good in every location.

It was anticipated that different sites would each have different needs, so staff had to be able to update the content quickly and easily, via USB or cloud software.

The solution

Teksmart’s solution – a 47” Freestanding display with a PC. This was decided upon as a stylish, adaptable unit that would be easy to update via the cloud, or using a USB to play stills or run PowerPoint presentations.

Fixed with wheels for easy movement across campus, the screen was available for use whenever and wherever required.


Cambridge University staff were delighted when Teksmart® delivered the digital display unit. They are able to move it freely and easily between sites.

They’re also enjoying the freedom that comes of having an in-built PC, meaning they can use various platforms and push the limits of what they can achieve with their digital screen.