Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Visible Impact
  • Type of Business: Advertising Agency
  • Website:

Visible Impact, established in 2004, uses design, communications and marketing skills to strengthen clients’ brands and kick-start their commercial sales initiatives. Together with Teksmart®, they came up with some interesting new promotional ideas…

The challenge

Visible impact approached Teksmart® looking for a solution to an ongoing project. A big one. They wanted to introduce a chain of screens in garden centres across the whole of the UK.

With the screens in place, they would sell the space to suppliers within the garden centres to help them promote their latest offers.

The screens needed to fit the environment aesthetically and practically. They also needed to be robust and tall enough to be seen from afar.

The solution

Teksmart® came up with a solution to increase the height of the proposed freestanding screens by up to two meters, making it significantly easier to see the content from further away. They also included a Windows 7 operated PC and Teksmart® software to enable the Visible Impact team to manage the network of screens from a single, central location.

Teksmart® selected white units so they could be individually branded and fitted in to any location (whatever the branding is, it fits in well against the white background).


The screens are working really well for the advertising retailers. They can easily display new products, offers and promotions and update their offers instantly. The screens have helped provide more information for customers too.

Visible Impact is delighted with how easy it has been to customise the screens to suit their needs. Crucially, the results from the garden centres are proving to be very encouraging, with a sharp increase in sales already being seen.