Digital Signage For The Education Sector

Students have to take on a lot of information: class times, lecture schedules, room changes… Clear, eye-catching digital signage makes important campus communications easily accessible to all. School digital signage displays, college digital signage screens and university digital signage solutions can all be found within our range. Popular applications for your sector include:

Digital Notice Boards

Digital notice boards are perfect for keeping students and visitors informed about all the latest developments on campus. Display photos, text, videos, graphics and much more.

Internal Communications

School digital signage is an effective means to communicate to both internal and external staff as well as visitors and customers. Digital displays can show information, which is up-to-date, interesting and available for everyone.

Inform Pupils & Visitors

Research has proven that with the use of college digital signage displays to inform pupils and visitors it can help reduce the workload for staff.


Help your visitors get to where they need to be with university digital signage wayfinding. Interactive or static layouts are extremely effective in displaying location information and creating an engaging and informative experience for the user.

Display Important Information

Deliver streamlined information and show up-to-date travel information, maps, directions, promotions, events, weather, news, stock market updates, and any other information that the target audience might want or need.

Educate Interactively

Reports have shown that interactive content holds students attention for longer. Interactive touch screens are a great tool to aid the education process and supplement traditional methods.

Education Digital Signage Case Studies


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