Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Sealed Air Corporation
  • Type of Business: Packaging Company
  • Website:

Sealed Air Corporation helps ensure food and beverages are processed, sold and prepared in a safe and efficient environment. Their range includes Cryovac food packaging, Bubble Wrap cushioning and Diversey cleaning and hygiene products. So how did Teksmart® help them make some very significant savings? 

The challenge

Sealed Air didn’t have a problem with any of their brands or their products. They had a much more prosaic issue, but a costly one – and it was affecting their multi-million pound sealed packaging machines.

Whenever Sealed Air made a small change to one of these machines or even the packaging, they had to change all the accompanying marketing material. Each machine had its own marketing pack, including posters, roller banners and leaflets. So when changes were made, it all added up to a very costly business.

The solution

Teksmart® visited Sealed Air’s Charles De Gauile Site in Paris to see the large machines that Sealed Air use to create their sealed packaging and started to devise a workable solution…

Teksmart® worked with Sealed Air to replace the paper-based marketing pack with a freestanding digital screen. Displaying all the required information digitally, eliminated the need for paper altogether.

Sealed Air wanted the units to be as flexible as a roller banner, so Teksmart® added wheels to make them portable. They proposed 10 x 42” units in white, built taller to bring them up to eye level – (the same sort of height as a roller banner).


There are no more costly reprints now that Sealed Air can revise and update information on the spot. It makes everything work so much more smoothly for Sealed Air and their customers.