Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Steakout
  • Type of Business: Restaurant
  • Website:

Steakout are a group of steakhouse restaurants in London and 7 other locations with their newest branch in Stratford. Their growing chain of steak and halal restaurants provides an exciting dining experience. The restaurant industry is hugely competitive so innovative companies like Steakout are always looking for ways to improve their marketing and communications. They approached Teksmart® for help…

The challenge 

Steakout wanted a digital window poster display to advertise their business to people passing-by, but they were concerned about the limited installation options available to them and the fact that a traditional display was not readable through the window due to intense sunlight.

The solution 

Teksmart® developed the perfect screen: a 42” sunlight-readable display with a ceiling hanging bracket. The screen runs Android OS and Teksmart’s digital signage software. It’s a great looking screen and achieves the aim of catering to passers-by in an effective and clear manner.


Steakout are chuffed with the results and happy with their high-brightness digital poster display. We are delighted that they continue to develop their marketing initiatives and successfully grow their business.