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  • Company Name: University of Leeds
  • Type of Business: University
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The University of Leeds was founded on a principle of education for all, irrespective of gender, race or creed. Over 100 years later, staff and students from over 100 countries work and study there. It puts quite a strain on the library, or at least it used to…

The challenge

Leeds University needed digital screens. But they had specific requirements… They should be robust but easy on the eye. And they shouldn’t look like everyday TV screens.

The screens were needed in the campus library – almost like silent librarians – to advertise the university’s services and provide information. They needed to be situated at the main entrance to the library so that students with questions could quickly access the information they needed without disrupting other library users.

The solution

Teksmart® proposed a 47” freestanding display – just the right height for the passing students to read from a distance.

The university wanted to use their own software so Teksmart® also proposed an in-built windows 7 PC.

There was just one request for a slight adjustment. Staff requested all-black side panels instead of brushed aluminium. That didn’t present a problem for the Teksmart® team who were happy to oblige.


Staff and students love the look of the digital screens. They’re used quite extensively every day. But Teksmart® did also set timers to power the units off and save energy in quieter periods. Another big plus for the university.