Customer Profile

  • Company Name: BMW
  • Type of Business: Automobile Manufacturing
  • Website:

BMW is one of the world’s biggest brands. The German car and bike manufacturers are renowned worldwide for their exceptional engineering (and their straplines). We wanted to ensure their branch marketing met the same high standards…

The challenge 

The Williams Liverpool BMW showroom wanted two screens somewhere prominent, so they could impress their customers with something a little different from run-of-the-mill advertising. They had something a lot more exciting in mind – screens playing demos of new cars on the testing circuit, slick videos, and all the latest offers and promotions.

The solution

Teksmart® suggested their 15” Magic Mirror screens – to be placed in the toilet. It took BMW by surprise, but they liked it…

Unlike most digital screens, these ones don’t look like screens at all. In fact, they look like mirrors. So naturally, Teksmart® put them in the rest room. Now, when a customer opens the door, the screens click into life and the videos play automatically.


BMW have seen nothing like this before. And neither have their customers. As well as the wow factor, BMW have been delighted by how easily they’re able to update new content, using the inbuilt Android system and Teksmart® software.

The screens have been a big hit with customers – and they’re a real talking point on the sales floor.