Customer Profile

  • Company Name: That’s Vapore
  • Type of Business: Restaurant
  • Website:

That’s Vapore is a fast-dining ‘Italian-influenced’ eatery with a steam focus located on Baker Street, London. It’s not a shock that healthy dining at a fast pace is on the rise in London, and That’s Vapore needed a simple yet effective way to communicate with the passing high-footfall but also have a flexible solution to guarantee maximum value.

The challenge

That’s Vapore wanted a different kind of digital display. It needed to do the traditional job of promoting the menu to passers-by, letting them view the day’s menu but they also wanted the solution to be movable so that they could change the location of the display. That’s Vapore realised that at rush-hours the screen was best located outdoors to get more exposure but in the evenings, it was much better used in-store as an informative tool for patrons.

The solution

The problem was easily solved for Teksmart® who proposed and delivered a 47” freestanding display which included wheels for easy-transportation.


The wheel-based freestanding display gave the restaurant flexibility to move the unit and therefore get maximum benefit.