Customer Profile

  • Company Name: YO! Sushi
  • Type of Business: Restaurant
  • Website:

YO! Sushi is a fun brand with some great marketing. Their hugely successful chain of sushi restaurants provides an exciting dining experience based on the model of the Japanese fast-food sushi restaurant. They just needed one more ingredient…

The challenge

YO! Sushi wanted a different kind of digital display. It needed to do the traditional job of promoting the menu to passers-by, letting them view the day’s menu through the window. But they also wanted it to work the other way, letting customers inside the restaurant see the menu, as well as promotions and featured dishes, while they were eating or about to order.

The solution

Teksmart® proposed the perfect screen for Yo! Sushi: a 32” dual-sided window display with a ceiling hanging bracket. It’s a great looking screen and achieves Yo! Sushi’s aim of catering to passers-by and customers sitting down to eat.


Yo! Sushi are delighted to have the additional functionality that the 32” dual-sided window display brings. They particularly appreciate the ease with which they can upload new content remotely.