Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Marriott Hotels
  • Type of Business: Hotel
  • Website:

With 19 hotel brands and more than 3,800 different properties, Marriott International is one of the world’s leading hospitality companies. The Marriott in Shipley gives clients the full Marriott experience; but just wanted a little extra technology…

The challenge

The Marriott (Hollins Hall based in Shipley, Bradford, UK) wanted a lobby screen to publicise event information, promote sports activities and to use for corporate events. With so many potential uses, they knew they needed something that could change quickly to offer relevant information to each person. So for example, they would be able to personalise information with company logos to welcome guests visiting the hotel for a corporate meeting. In effect, the screen would be like having another person to welcome people to the hotel.

The solution

Teksmart® advised that the best solution for the hotel’s needs was a freestanding display – they knew the sleek, elegant look would work particularly well in the hotel lobby setting.

The Marriott wanted a future-proof screen, so they opted for the Windows PC version, enabling them to use PowerPoint and make use of our cloud signage software. The screen size best suited to their lobby was the 47” – a nice size for presenting information, but not too intrusive for their guests.

Teksmart® installed a stylish display in high gloss black-brushed aluminium. To make it more personal, they chose to have a vinyl applied with their corporate branding.


The product looks great and is working well with all their target groups. Corporate clients can now extract the information they need quickly and easily, and Marriott staff can update the screen instantly with news.