Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Vodafone UK
  • Type of Business: Telecommunications Services
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Vodafone UK is the third largest provider of telecommunications services in the United Kingdom; a real giant of the industry with 19.5 million subscribers. They look after their employees as well as their customers – as this project demonstrates …

The challenge 

Vodafone rewards staff for exceptional achievement with a range of exciting prizes, including trips around the world. But they wanted to do even more. So they contacted Teksmart® with a question: what could they give to winning staff members as a keepsake of their once-in-a-lifetime trip?

The solution

Teksmart’s answer: video cards. There is small screen inside every video card (about the size of a mobile phone), and when it’s opened, the video begins plays. Vodafone logged the whole trip, from start to finish, and created special videos for every prize winner. Teksmart® produced an A5 booklet to house the 4.3” video card, all beautifully branded, front and back – to precise Vodafone requirements.


Vodafone love the video cards. And everyone agrees they are a great way to give something back to cherished staff members. Not just a picture, or an album, but a video of the whole trip. A memento of a wonderful experience and something to show family members.

Vodafone are also finding it’s a great tool to communicate to their staff members more effectively … and it serves as a great inducement to other members of staff who can see what rewards they might expect to receive if they achieve great things.