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  • Company Name: Microsoft UK
  • Type of Business: Software Company
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The whole world knows Microsoft. The corporation develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services everywhere. So why did Microsoft need Teksmart’s help…?

The challenge

As proud innovators and tech-fans, it was a real thrill for the Teksmart® team when they were invited to work with Microsoft at their UK headquarters.

Microsoft UK’s Technology, Installation and Maintenance department got in touch to discuss new plans for their corporate bathroom. They required a mirror digital display, and needed the team’s advice and expertise in selecting the best model for the job.

It’s rarely just a question of working out what the television should look like, but what it’s there to do (the more information the team has, the more they can help). Teksmart® talked through Microsoft’s requirements in full and identified their main objective – to advertise their services and company ethos to visiting clients in a new and innovative manner.

The solution 

Microsoft wanted a modern, minimalistic look. So Teksmart® recommended an in-the-wall application for the mirror screens, giving Microsoft the most unobtrusive finish. Amazingly the screens look just like bathroom mirrors until video or pictures appear.

The combination of the right hardware, the right finish and the right installation met Microsoft’s requirements in full.


“The Teksmart® mirror display was a nice addition to the already minimalist bathroom we had revamped in the corporate bathroom suite. The product was everything we required in terms of the physical looks through to the functionality.”