Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Centrica PLC (British Gas)
  • Type of Business: Energy Company
  • Website:

Centrica plc supplies gas and electricity to commercial and domestic customers in the UK and North America. In fact, it is now the largest supplier of gas to domestic customers in the UK. Together with Teksmart® they worked on a way of making their sales staffs jobs easier and more fun …

The challenge 

Centrica wanted a mobile solution for their sales and aftercare floors. It needed to be fairly large and it needed to be easy to upload from anywhere in the building. The screen had an important job to do. It was going to be used as a performance and motivation aid for the sales teams. Therefore, it needed to be large enough to be seen easily from various locations. It needed to be visually interesting too, so that people could identify their key sales targets and performance motivators – and see any urgent updates.

Design was important. The Centrica office is a busy place, so the screens needed to be so sleek that they wouldn’t get in the way of the hustle and bustle. Wall mounting the screens might have been an option, but Centrica wanted freestanding displays.

The solution

Teksmart® proposed their 55” freestanding displays with an in-built PC and Teksmart® signage software. These sleek, portable displays could be wheeled in to place or left in situ.

It was the perfect non-intrusive solution. And Centrica agreed. The thinness of the screens made them the ideal choice aesthetically, practically and ergonomically. While the Teksmart® software promised real time control and ease of use.


Centrica use their screens on a daily basis. They particularly like the fact that they can upload content from anywhere in the office. Even if the screens are in Aberdeen, Centrica staff can updated them from London.

Just as importantly, Centrica staff can now upload real time information. And this is particularly important on the sales floor when changing sales targets and results can really motivate staff.

Centrica are so pleased with their digital signage that they’re looking to use more Teksmart® freestanding displays throughout the company.