Customer Profile

  • Company Name: MEPC
  • Type of Business: Construction Company
  • Website:

MEPC is a leading British-based property investment and development business. For their exciting new ‘Wellington Place’ development they wanted our help with outdoor wayfinding …

The challenge

The Wellington Place development is set to enhance urban life in the city of Leeds and is composed of in excess of 1.5 million sq ft of commercial, retail, leisure and residential accommodation. Due to the ‘mixed-use’ nature of the development and distinctive design, they needed a way to make wayfinding easy but also complement the existing intelligent architecture meaning a standard static sign would not make the cut.

The solution

Working with Teksmart® they developed two unique custom-designed black outdoor 55” freestanding displays, of which were later manufactured and installed within the grounds.


MEPC loves the way the screens are able to display content in an intelligent and engaging way. Now, instead of simply standing in front of a sign board reading text, the public can take on the information in a more interesting and interactive way, adding significant value to the development as a whole.