Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Balfour Beatty
  • Type of Business: Construction Company
  • Website:

Operating in over 80 countries, Balfour Beatty is a world-class infrastructure services business. The brand delivers essential services to develop, create and care for infrastructure assets. They care for their staff too – and that’s why they wanted to work with Teksmart® …

The challenge

Balfour Beatty’s rail department contacted Teksmart® for advice on ways to make their notice boards friendlier for their construction workers. At the time of their enquiry, they had a notice board pinned to the wall for site plans and health and safety notices. Both parties agreed that it would be friendlier and more effective if their workers could sit and read, or watch any important information and videos on a digital screen. Nice idea. But the cabins that the screens would be installed in tended to get overrun with works and rubbish. So the units needed to be really robust.

The solution

Teksmart’s solution was a 32” wall-mounted custom display, built into steel housing for durability! They suggested a 1000 nit HD screen, with a Windows 7 professional PC built-in. The screen was strong enough to withstand knocks from construction workers, and would even be water tight to protect against any potential leaks from outside the portable cabin.


Balfour Beatty loves the way the screens are able to display content in an engaging way for their workers. Now, instead of standing in front of a notice board reading text, they can take on the information in a more interesting and interactive way.

Reports are already showing that the new method holds workers’ attention for longer. Health and safety information can now be updated according to the requirements of each job without anyone needing to go to site with printed material.

Everyone agrees that this is a fantastic way of enhancing corporate communications. From initial training to everyday updates and health and safety notices, information is always relevant and up-to-date.