Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Le Café de Paris, Monaco
  • Type of Business: Restaurant
  • Website:

The Brasserie at the Café de Paris Monte-Carlo is a hugely popular venue for a Monaco “rendezvous”. Patrons enjoy the charming setting, the world-class cuisine… and now some chic new signage…

The challenge

Café De Paris were looking for several al-fresco screens to use at their restaurant. The screens would display menus and promote high-end products.

An easy enough brief… But Teksmart® needed to bear in mind that unlike England, the sun seems to shine in Monaco all day, every day! They also needed to consider that, as a more traditional looking establishment, the screens would need to suit the traditional décor. Another factor: staff wanted to be able to use their own software to control the units using a PC platform in Monaco.

The solution

Teksmart® proposed two 42” outdoor 2500-nits sunlight-readable screens with in-built PC and timer. The café also wanted a touch screen function to give customers and passers-by a more interactive experience. Teksmart® suggested that an IR touch would be the perfect fit for the environment, and they used moss green colours to complement the café décor perfectly.


Café de Paris staff were delighted with the responsive service from Teksmart® and the quick turnaround. And even more delighted that the screens were delivered in time for the 2014 F1 Monaco Grand Prix.

The icing on the cake? Café de Paris were approached by Rolex with an offer they couldn’t refuse – a lucrative ad campaign to run on both screens throughout the F1 weekend.