Customer Profile

  • Company Name: Benoit Paris
  • Type of Business: Restaurant
  • Website:

Opened in 1912, Restaurant Benoit is the only Parisian bistro to get starred by the Michelin Guide. Offering a traditional bistro environment, Benoit is a lively, vibrant bistro in the heart of Paris with a menu no one wants to miss…

The challenge

Benoit wanted a more interactive way to showcase their menu and display adverts. They wondered if a screen on the outside of the building would be a good way to do this. But they had a list of conditions – the screen would need to be sufficiently robust to take any wear and tear – and to cope with any knocks it might get from passers-by. They also needed to be able to upload new content remotely.

The solution

Teksmart® proposed an outdoor 32” wall-mounted display screen with high brightness and touch screen functionality. As an added precaution they included an anti-vandal casing. The screen included a built-in PC, set up to run independent software. Teksmart® and Benoit settled on non-scratch matte effect silver paint. A stylish finish for a chic part of town.


Benoit uses the screen all day. It allows passers-by to see the interactive menu from the outside before entering the restaurant. That’s encouraging plenty of passing trade to pop in, mouth already watering. Benoit’s new screen is working out to be a great advert for the restaurant.