Customer Profile

  • Company Name: FK Domestics Ltd
  • Type of Business: Cleaning Service
  • Website:

FK Domestics provide a wide range of professional cleaning services to residential and commercial clients in London. They approached Teksmart® as they wanted a digital sign for head-office to advertise, inform and enhance.

The challenge

The requirements were fairly straightforward – the customer wanted a freestanding digital sign. They were subscribed to the benefits of digital signage and wanted to try it out for themselves. They basically had many ‘commercial’ clients visit head office on a regular basis and so a digital display was going to be a great way to impress.

The solution

Teksmart® suggested their 55” freestanding display, and it ticked all of the boxes.


As well as the wow factor, FK Domestics have been delighted by how easily they’re able to update new content, using the inbuilt Android system and Teksmart® software.