Customer Profile

  • Company Name: QVC UK
  • Type of Business: Broadcasting Television Network
  • Website:

QVC UK is a television shopping channel broadcast in the United Kingdom. They approached Teksmart® with a requirement for a very unique and specific product to help resolve their outdoor broadcasting challenges.

The challenge

The problem for QVC from a technical perspective is that when filming outdoors the traditional auto-cue screens that they use (for their presenters to read the lines) is (a) not-waterproof; and (b) not bright enough to deal with direct-sunlight. On a sunny-day the existing screen isn’t visible and on a rainy-day the existing screen isn’t safe for us, and therefore the existing solution was simply not fit for purpose. QVC wanted our help to manufacture a product solution that solved both problems.

The solution

Teksmart® helped design and develop an outdoor high-brightness dual-screen (2 x 32”) trolley. The customer was very specific with their requirements (dimensions, materials and features) and we designed and manufacture a unit that matched their requirements exactly. The end-result was a trolley like design incorporating two 32” high-bright panels, fans for ventilation, handles for easy manoeuvrability, rugged wheels for outdoor conditions, caged section to enclose external speakers and a custom cable outlet which connects with their relevant broadcast source.


The resulting product was perfectly fit for purpose and QVC were impressed with the outcome.