Customer Profile

  • Company Name: C3 Construction
  • Type of Business: Construction Company
  • Website:

Building a solid reputation within the industry, C3 Construction Ltd has grown to become one of the leading groundwork and civil engineering contractors in the Midlands. A little new technology has made the outlook even brighter …

The challenge

C3 Construction approached Teksmart® for a solution to a problem they had been facing for many years. Under normal circumstances, C3 Construction creates ground plans for housing or commercial buildings and then presents them to the property owners and developers. On a very large piece of paper. And there’s the problem … Up to now, the best way to display this information has always been to roll it out on the office floor (a large desk if they’re lucky) or pin it on the wall. Hardly ideal.

C3 knew that having a screen would not only solve this problem for good, it would make it much easier to really showcase their products, designs and service offerings.

The solution

Bearing in mind that C3’s busy offices didn’t leave much room, the solution needed to be compact. Teksmart® had the perfect product – the 55” Interactive Whiteboard. It can be wall-mounted, it’s slimline and discrete. The PC is built-in so there are no cables showing. No mouse or keyboard either – Teksmart® included a 4-point IR touch screen instead. Thanks to the built-in Windows 7 PC they can use Auto cad. They are even able to pinch and zoom in to different parts of the site to give their clients much more detail.


C3 construction loves the product and so do their customers. Client presentations are now much more interactive with 3D design and walk-throughs.

The screen is a perfect fit and is proving very useful for internal discussions as well as client presentations.