No matter what industry you’re in, customer satisfaction can be the difference between lifelong loyalty or a missed sale opportunity. One of the things that can be frustrating for visitors is the inability to find their way around, which can lead to a negative overall experience.

It’s therefore important to provide wayfinding solutions that are clear and easy to use, and touch screen signage is the perfect way to do this.

Interactive maps

Providing touch signage with maps is one of the best ways to help people to find their way around, as it is highly visual and easy to understand.

This interactive method of navigation is intuitive and easy to use for people of all ages and nationalities, making it an incredibly practical option. You can offer different map styles so the user can select the easiest option for them to use, such as aerial or 3D views, and you can generate step-by-step instructions to their chosen location.

Search functionality

A search option makes it easy for users to find exactly what they are looking for without having to find somebody to ask.

Whether looking for a road name, a certain store in a shopping centre or a particular exhibit at a museum, a simple search function will allow a visitor to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Different language options

It’s easy to offer various language options for your touch screen signage, making it accessible to visitors from all over the world.

This allows you to provide useful information to visitors from overseas without the costs incurred by printing a selection of maps and leaflets or manning an information desk with bilingual staff.

Always up to date

Temporary art gallery exhibitions, new road layouts and moving stores can mean expensive changes to printed signage, guidebooks and maps.

However, touch digital signage is extremely flexible and easy to update. This flexibility offers a great return on investment, as there’s no need to print new materials each time something changes.

Easy to locate

Trying to spot a stand of flyers, maps or leaflets can be tricky in busy locations, but indoor and outdoor touch screens are much easier to find.

By using bright colours, clear messaging and consistent branding, you can ensure that these useful displays are instantly recognisable, offering a reassuring beacon to your visitors.

Touch screen signage from Teksmart®

No matter how big or small your wayfinding requirements, Teksmart® has a solution for you. Our  touch screen signage is highly versatile and can be customised to ensure that it fits in with your existing environment.

Visit our FAQ page or contact a member of the team for more information about any of our digital signage solutions.

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