When digital signage is done right it can be wonderfully effective for almost any company. But, when it’s done wrong it can be an absolute disaster!

Now, we’re not about to tell you what to do with your signage. One of the great things about being in this business is seeing some of the imaginative ways clients have put their digital signage to exceptional use. But we are going to share some ideas for using your digital signage really effectively…

Think it through

“Digital signage – pretty cool idea. Let’s give it a go.”

Yes, we’re in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling digital signs, but that doesn’t mean we sell first and ask questions later. We’d like you to take a moment to think it all over. Please make sure that:

  1. You really need digital signage

Think about what you want it for… Will it be giving information, promoting products and services, advertising – or a mixture of things? Try and ensure that all of the things you want to do will be more easily and effectively achieved with digital signage.

  1. You can use it in a way that’ll bring in maximum return on investment

Take a look at our blog on how you can use your digital signage to generate income for some ideas to get you started.

Get these two things right and you’ll get an optimal return on your investment.

No time for downtime

No one wants to stare at a blank screen or the Windows logo. So whether you’re using your screen as a selling space or to provide information, try and keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

Remember that advertising space is valuable, so a digital screen that doesn’t do anything will have very limited value.

So how do you ensure your digital signage stays on and stays working properly?


Plan for the future. If you don’t future-proof your digital sign it could rack up more costs in the long term.

Even if you’re only ready to use plug and play at the moment, you’ll still need to think ahead… Would it make sense to pay the extra and go for a PC so you can run cloud software and remote upload content?

Fortunately, most companies see fantastic results from digital signage – and they want to go on using it. But if their system is basic or has limited capability, they might need to invest in a whole new system to do everything they want to do.

Work out your strategy. Think about what you want to achieve with digital signage now – and in the long term.

Great content

Top quality content can make or break your digital signage strategy. Amateur looking content may steer customers away from your products. But punchy copy and strong, professional-looking visuals will help captivate an audience.

Be discrete

Choose a screen that’s appropriate for your surroundings. A big, bulky screen can feel intimidating and intrusive. Opt for something sleek and subtle that will suit your environment.


For a digital sign that will go on having the right impact on your customers you need:

  • The right screen for the right setting
  • Future-proof technology
  • Good content
  • Strong visuals

We hope this helps.