There’s been a quiet revolution in the way people are using digital signage…

Savvy customers still see digital signage as a way of enhancing their business. They’re still using it to advertise events and promotions, and still using it to keep customers up to date, but increasingly, they’re using it as an additional revenue stream too…

… By selling advertising space.

Ad-space can be sold to your suppliers or the suppliers of companies you sell to. It’ll help stimulate more sales for them and more income for you.

You can even open the offer out to other businesses in your local area. Ad agencies love digital signage: it’s easy to add and edit content with a click of a button. And it helps that you can display more than one advert too – after all, why bother with digital signage if you’re going to treat it like a static poster?

Long-term investment

So digital signage can be a moneymaker and a money saver. And isn’t it nice to know that, when so much technology devalues so quickly, you can still make an investment with a long-term future? One that’ll start repaying your investment with each new client who signs up.

Sell more of what they see

Here’s another revenue booster…

Digital signs can help focus attention and draw the eye to products on display. It’s the oldest marketing method in the book. Suppliers and manufacturers know that if you can capture the customer’s attention, they’ll be so much more receptive to all the latest offers and incentives.

When it comes to feeding a constant stream of information on products, promotions and prices, there’s nothing better than digital signage.