Whatever product or service you sell, it’s important to invest in advertising to spread your message to customers, promote your brand and drive sales.

Commercial display monitors are a great tool for pushing a certain product, service or special offer, allowing you to create advertisements that get noticed and get results.

Here are just some of the ways that they can help you to promote your business and increase revenue by getting your brand noticed.


One of the great advantages of a digital advertising monitor over a printed advert is that the message can be changed quickly, easily, and with little cost.

The design for a poster or billboard must be sent to the printer or distribution company on a certain schedule. This means that you need to decide well in advance what you’d like to promote, and it makes changes difficult and costly.

With a commercial display screen – graphics can be created in-house quickly, allowing you to revise your advert on the fly. You can change prices, use different product images or amend special offers, in a matter of minutes.

Strategic placement

To better promote a product or service, you can strategically place a commercial display monitor to increase interest.

For example, a digital advertising monitor displaying how a certain product is used could be placed next to that product in your store. This helps to answer any questions that a customer may have, shows its function and benefits in a real-world setting within the store environment, and ensures that the product is easy to locate once the advert has generated interest.

This type of digital signage monitor is also ideally located in areas where people spend more time, such as next to a queuing area, inside waiting rooms, or on the wall behind tills. This provides somewhere for people to direct their attention while they are waiting and turns that downtime into potential sales.

Attract new customers

While a commercial display screen in your store will allow you to promote new products and offers to existing customers, digital advertising monitors in external locations will generate new business.

Monitors located in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres, public transport hubs or at the side of busy roads will be seen by thousands of people every day. This is a great way to improve your brand awareness and create campaigns that drive sales of certain products.

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