Since the rise of online shopping, physical retail stores have felt the pressure to compete, both in terms of price and convenience. One area where shopping centres have the edge is by providing a real-world experience, which is hard to replicate online.

It’s therefore important to ensure that this experience is as enjoyable and effortless as possible for shoppers. A great way to do this is by implementing interactive kiosks, which allow people to find information with ease.

Interactive maps for easy wayfinding

Large shopping centres can be difficult to navigate, especially for visitors from out of town. The inability to find a particular store or amenities such as toilets or restaurants can have a detrimental effect on shoppers, leading them to spend less time in the shopping centre.

Offering digital kiosks with interactive maps is a great way to help people to find their way around easily. A person can perform a simple search by store name or category, and results could be designed to display a map, as well as a photo of the storefront and directions from the current location to make the journey as easy as possible.

Answering frequently asked questions

Shoppers sometimes have important questions that they need answering but nobody to ask. They may want to know the closing time of a certain store, details of car park charges, or whether any stores offer a click and collect service.

While many shopping centres offer information desks, there is often only one, which may be busy, and trying to find it can be inconvenient. Placing several interactive digital kiosks throughout the centre allows customers to find the answers to their questions quickly and without a time-consuming search for someone to help them.

Self-service purchasing and ordering

More and more stores are offering self-service options for their customers, allowing them to speed up their visit and providing a smoother shopping experience.

In addition to self-checkout facilities, you may wish to implement an interactive ordering system in your store. If a product is out of stock or not available in a certain size, a customer can order it online without leaving the store, helping them to make a successful purchase and an enjoyable shopping experience overall.

Check out our interactive kiosk range

Teksmart®’s range includes everything you need to improve the experience for shoppers in all retail sectors. We can help you to provide helpful assistance indoors with interactive touch screen kiosks, and out on the high street with outdoor interactive kiosks.

If you’re not sure what you need, take a look at our FAQ page or contact one of our experts, and we’ll be happy to help.

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