It can be difficult to build engagement with an audience, but these examples of innovative uses of digital signage displays show that a little creativity can really get your message noticed.

Smartphone integration

Getting people to interact with your display is a great way to improve engagement and create a lasting impression.

In 2012, the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) launched an interactive billboard campaign at Euston Station, urging people to step in to stop domestic violence by visiting a website and dragging the abuser away. Doing so caused the abuser to be physically dragged further and further away from the victim, onto a completely separate billboard several screens away.

This memorable campaign allowed people to visualise the effect of intervening and to understand the physical space it could give to a victim in need.

Reactive tech

In December 2018, Swedish pharmacy Hjärtat created an anti-smoking advert in Stockholm that reacted to the environment around it.

By using an integrated smoke detector, the person on the digital advertising display would start to cough in reaction to passers by smoking cigarettes. The screen then displayed the pharmacy’s range of aids to quit smoking and a “new year, new resolutions” slogan.

Not only did this innovative campaign attract attention, it did so while targeting its desired audience and presenting them with a relevant product.

Photo opportunities

Piccadilly Circus is a popular tourist destination, with 100 million people passing through each year. In 2009, fast food giant McDonalds turned their digital billboard into a creative photo opportunity.

The billboard cycled through various backgrounds that people could interact with for fun photographs or videos with by lining up the camera angle. From simply posing as if holding an umbrella to blowing out candles on a cake, the ideas were simple and lighthearted.

This engaging campaign harnessed the power of photo-ready tourists looking to capture great memories, and provided a little fun.

Facial recognition

In 2016, General Motors created an advertising campaign that used facial recognition to display appropriate videos and responses for the audience.

By detecting a person’s age, gender, expression, composition and engagement, the advertising display screen technology was able to profile the audience and tailor a message to suit them. It also included fun, interactive elements that invited people to engage with the advert, such as in a staring contest or trying to catch a ball.

While it drew from 30 pre-recorded videos, the facial recognition presented a personalised experience, helping to engage with people and strengthen their relationship with the brand.

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