LCD displays are a convenient way to share information, and they are an extremely versatile piece of audio-visual equipment. Their use isn’t limited to the indoors, as there are many types of outdoor digital screens available, providing a practical solution for even more scenarios.

Here are four ways to use outdoor LCD displays to bring information and entertainment to your audience.

1. Event wayfinding

From music festivals to Christmas markets, outdoor events are a staple throughout the year all around the world. However, they can be crowded or use a complex layout over several different venues or locations, making it difficult for people to find their way around.

In order to improve the visitor experience, try using outdoor LCD signs to create a reliable wayfinding solution. They are easily visible both in the daytime and when it starts to get dark, and you can opt for an interactive screen that allows people to look at maps, search for events and their locations, or contact a member of staff for assistance.

2. Outdoor advertising

An outdoor advertising screen is a great way to capture an audience and generate awareness of your brand, product or service.

By positioning your screen in an outdoor location with heavy footfall, thousands of people will view your advert every day. Areas that are frequented by tourists or commuters are ideal choices, and the ability to use movement, light and sound will attract more attention to your display.

3. Real-time updates

There are many instances where it’s useful to be able to provide real-time updates quickly and clearly, and outdoor LCD screens are the perfect solution.

Weather forecasts, local news, public transport timetables and emergency announcements are just some of the updates that can be streamlined. The digital displays can be programmed to show information at a scheduled time, but they are also quick and easy to update in case of unexpected changes or emergencies.

4. Multimedia experiences

Implementing LCD screens is a great way for everyone from event organisers to city planners to improve their offering through multimedia experiences.

Whether to create an atmosphere through video and sound, to increase engagement through interactive learning, or to simply provide information, outdoor LCD screens are able to enhance the visitor experience in meaningful ways.

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