It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your voice heard in the saturated world of advertising. Everywhere you look, there are dozens of adverts vying for attention, many of which are simply ignored. How can you make the most of your advertising instead of getting lost in the crowd?

Electronic signage is a great way to engage with your audience instead of simply presenting a message that barely even gets noticed.

Catch the eye with movement

An obvious benefit of electronic sign advertising is the ability to incorporate movement.

This instantly makes your advert more noticeable than a static poster, and people’s eyes will be drawn towards it. Whether you use simple animated graphics or a video, you can grab people’s attention with movement and hook them in with a great message.

Get your message heard

Some electronic signage displays also offer audio features, giving you yet another chance to stand out.

The use of sound allows you to ensure that your message is being heard in the right tone. Music can create a particular mood or atmosphere, while a friendly voiceover can help people to trust in your brand and feel reassured.

Light up the night

Electronic signs are naturally bright, so they will stand out well when located in a dark environment.

While regular posters are sometimes lit externally, glare or harsh areas of light and dark can make them difficult to read. By incorporating light as part of the advertisement itself, you are able to benefit from a clear, crisp image that looks great and draws attention.

Tell your story through video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how many is a video worth?

Adverts offer limited space to share your message, and it can be hard to express yourself adequately without writing paragraphs of text that are unappealing and unengaging. By using video, with or without sound, you can present a much more comprehensive picture of who you are and what you do, all within the same space as a poster.

Add an interactive element

Something that many adverts suffer from is their inability to engage with their audience.

Interactive options for electronic signage allow you to engage with people through questions and answers, games and more. This means that they will spend more time focusing on your advert, building a stronger connection with your brand.

Electronic signage systems from Teksmart®

Whatever you’re looking to advertise, Teksmart® has an electronic sign solution to make sure that your message is meaningful and inspiring.

If you’ve got any questions, visit our FAQ page or get in touch and one of our experts will be happy to help you.

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