The digital signage industry keeps moving forwards. Fortunately, our research and development team keep moving to keep track with all the latest developments.

While we wouldn’t like to give away all of our future product ideas, we can tell you about a few of the very exciting new technologies that could be coming to a digital screen near you very soon…

Better resolution / clearer screens

Forget 4K, here comes 8K. Twice as good as 4k and tipped to take the market by storm.

8K will obviously be more expensive, so will it be worth it.

If it’s the quality of the image that captures customers’ attention then the better the image, the bigger the impact. And if 8K lives up to the promise; if it really can make images appear as real as possible, it will revolutionise the industry.

But let’s not get too carried away. Your 4K digital signage is good for quite a while yet. We’re going to have to wait until 8K hits the market. And we’ll have to wait even longer until it hits an affordable price point for most businesses. When it does, I think we’re all going to agree it’s worth it!

Take it home technology (including I-Beacon and NFC)

So, digital signs are great to walk up-to. And great to interact with. But what happens if you need to take that information away with you? Suppose you want to take an offer from screen to store?

I-Beacon and NFC let you copy content from a digital sign to a personal mobile device so you can take it wherever you want. That’s pretty handy if you’re in a digital bank and interacting with an advisor on an in-store multimedia kiosk. If you want to make it more personal you just swipe the screen to swap from the digital device to your tablet, so you can talk in private.

You could also copy a voucher code from the screen direct to a mobile device, walk into store and get that exact offer. There are endless possibilities for new forms of advertising that are mobile, interactive and fun.


The concept of taking digital content from the flat screen into 3D is really exciting advertisers now.

Just think – if you want to show off a new-concept car, you can make it look as if the customer can reach out and touch it. Or how about a new branded drink – it’ll look as if they can reach out and take a sip.

Why stop there? Using the latest digital technology you can appear to have a real person helping you sell that is really a sophisticated hologram. There’s some exciting technology on the way in – giving us all great scope for the future…


Using intelligent digital signage with intelligent software, you can target specific people at specific times. You can have a database full of adverts so you can pick and choose who sees what.

Be as selective as you like. Customise your campaigns according to gender, age, likes and dislikes; you can even pick up on what shopping bags they have and alter the screen view to fit their interests.

This technology is so clever it can even gather the information it needs from face recognition cameras and software so that the screens actually identify the passer-by and present relevant adverts and content just for them.