There’s no doubt about it, the world is becoming more digital. Even to the extent that in our industry, we sometimes refer to digital signage as the silent salesman.

Think about it from the store manager’s perspective. It is often cheaper to use digital signage than hire an actual salesman. Digital signs present information in a visually exciting and interactive way. Oh and they don’t need lunch breaks and they never forget their sales spiel!

And from the customer’s perspective? Well, there’s no hard sell for one thing. And that’s a real blessing for customers who hate being jumped on as soon as they enter a store. Instead, a freestanding digital display at the front of the store showcases hot products, relevant content and offers. It helps captivate customers without ever making them feel set upon.

Digital signage fits right in with the new focus on soft selling. It’s so much less about ramming the spiel down customers’ throats and much more about giving them the facts they need to make their purchase.

Does digital signage work?

Digital signage in retail environments is proven to be a very efficient way of increasing sales and delivering a fantastic return on investment. It elevates the quality of the shopping experience for the customer too.

Best of all, digital signage is responsive to quick changes. If you want to introduce a quick offer, you can. If you want to promote a different service, you can. With you in control, your digital display will always show the most relevant content.