9 reasons why you should be using digital signs in commercial settings.

Digital advertising signs play an extremely important part in communicating information to users and creating a bespoke experience. The impact of static signs is falling and out rises digital signage and how using digital signs can effectively grow your business, when used properly can assist in bringing new life to a commercial environment.

commercial digital signage

Thanks to this you can now capture your audience’s attention with innovative technology and improve experiences with interactive displays across multiple devices. Below we explain why you should make the swap from traditional signage to digital signage…

#1 – Digital signage is infinitely customisable.

Digital advertising signs can easily be edited and updated providing you with complete creative ownership over what you display. This eliminates the manual process that follows the use of traditional signage when they need updating.

With digital signage, all you need to do is upload your design with the signage software and schedule for whatever date and time is required.

This style of signage application can be used across a variety of different businesses making it a versatile path. You can promote discounts, offers, menus, important information, or updates within a business for both customers and staff, used a lot throughout Covid with the ever-changing restrictions and regulations needed within all types of buildings.

#2 – Digital signage is a one-time investment.

With most media it has to be printed, therefore when you change or alter anything, those prints then need updating which is a cost to the business time and time again. Whereas digital display signs are a one-time investment that can be updated as many times as you wish and circulate throughout your screens.

The investment comes first and foremost at the start when you purchase the screen itself. Because these screens can be updated with a new design and used year on year, they quickly give you a profitable ROI.

#3 – Digital signage displays can be eye-catching.

Who doesn’t like a TV? Well, a digital advertising screen is like a TV screen, they keep your audience engaged. Unlike static traditional signage that do not offer much visual appeal, digital signs grab the attention of your customers with the use of moving pictures, video sound and can be interacted with via touch screen so we advise whatever you display is on-brand and captivating for your customer.

#4 – Digital saves money.

Traditional signage is a cost that increases frequently throughout the year when updates are needed. A designer is needed, then printing costs, circulation and this isn’t a one-man job, it’s multiple members of staff and resources. Whereas with digital signage those multiple staff members needed are no more, all you need is one member who can design, upload, and push a button to be circulated to multiple devices, taking them less than minutes to do so.

They help save you a lot of time becoming one of the most time-efficient innovations, as they do not need to be updated manually, no one needs to be physically present to update the screen with a new design, with special content management software they can be updated anywhere. Saving costs on staff and their time spent is the result of using digital signage.

#5 – Screens assist with connecting with your audience better.

With the need to engage with an audience at an all-time high and a popular platform for this being social media. Social has become a great way of connecting with your audience and can now be added to digital displays screens, where you can target users at a more personalised level.

Simply display your media feeds allowing users to see and engage, indirectly helping to advertise your brand and capture more followers and directly reach them with new offer promotions.

#6 – With digital signage you can implement sound.

Enhance the effects of digital advertising screens with sound, this can capture the attention of people passing by. You can add sound as an advantage to your marketing campaigns, this doesn’t necessarily mean talk overs but sound effects that are on brand or related to certain times of year, creating an inviting atmosphere for your customers and an experience making you stand out from your competitors.

#7 – Circulate discounts and offers using digital signage.

You can grab more sales with eye-catching HTML effects featured on digital signage display screens, showcasing your internal promotions. You can highlight specific offers making them stand out within your business grabbing the eye of a customer.

Improve your sales figures quarterly by circulating more offers and grabbing more clicks or orders.

#8 – Use a digital display to help improve customer experience.

Delivering a high-standard customer experience that is memorable should be your priority for any business. This defines your business image and your brand in your customer’s eyes.

A lot of businesses have a lot of customers to attend to, and an easier way of reaching your customers is by displaying information and graphics through digital signage displays. This makes it easier for customers to access information and navigate getting them quick answers to their queries.

#9 – Digital signage is very much a multipurpose solution.

A single digital display screen can be put to multiple uses with timed information displayed accordingly. You can section your graphics and information targeting different types of customers, offers, products, wayfinding, emergency regulations can all be placed in separate sections, therefore, creating a multipurpose screen that can be interacted with by users.

We think it’s safe to say that using our range of Teksmart® digital advertising screens are the way forward for all businesses ensuring maximum exposure across the business and creating a truly bespoke and improved customer experience.

Do you have a project where digital signage is required? Then we can help. At Teksmart® we have a dedicated team ready to help you find the perfect display for your business whatever sector.

Get in touch with a member of our team on 01509 323 113 or email us for enquiries at enquiries@teksmart.tv.

commercial digital signage
commercial digital signs
commercial digital signage