It’s the industry’s big talking point – digital or print – which is better?

Each side has its fans of course. So if we’re going to try and find out, we need to be as objective as possible. We’ll look at cost, ease of use and adaptability and see which comes out on top.


Yes, posters may be the cheaper option for a small-scale promotion. But digital posters give you the option to roll multiple promotions one after another – it’s a bit like having 10 posters in a row. And of course, you can change tack as and when you need to.

So, you just need to ask yourself, which is the more cost effective option for your business?

Ease of use

Posters are easy to put up, of course. But they take time to design and print. Whereas digital signage can be updated in a few clicks. That’s especially handy if you want a more responsive campaign – something that reflects the time of day, the latest news stories, or even the weather.


A great poster can still have a big impact. But we’re sad to say; posters have a very limited life. Once they’ve been used, they’re finished.

Digital signs provide a long-term investment. You can go on using them, adapting them and getting results.

So again you need to ask yourself – are you keeping the cost down for a one-off promotion, or will a more adaptable long-term solution suit you better?

The result

Print is certainly a good option for mass-market leaflets and flyers. But digital is fast outstripping print as a more visual, more interactive way to advertise, inform and enhance a sales proposition.